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 ==== Parents ==== ==== Parents ====
-__Emma Ella Ungerecht__ (1895-1985) of Glen Ullin, daughter of [[1860_JohGeoU|Johann George Ungerecht & Bertha Hoerauf]] \\ +__Emma Ella Ungerecht__ (13 Apr 1895 - 2 Feb 1985) of Glen Ullin, daughter of [[1860_JohGeoU|Johann George Ungerecht & Bertha Hoerauf]] \\ 
-married to __Joe Pietsch__ ((Agnes Bean Ungerecht'​s 1972 booklet))+married to __Joe Pietsch__ ​(1881 - 14 Mar 1973), born in Austria ​((Agnes Bean Ungerecht'​s 1972 booklet))
 ==== Marriage ==== ==== Marriage ====
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 ==== Notes ==== ==== Notes ====
-Joe and his brother were wood carvers from Austra.  Many of the local churches had his carvings, and the Milwaukee Museum ​at one time.  They lived in [[12_OakCrkWales|Oak Creek]], Wisconsin. +{{ :​un:​emmapietsch_age89.jpg?​240|}}Joe and his brother were wood carvers from Austria.  Many of the local churches had their carvings, and the Milwaukee Museum ​used some of his carvings in a display.  They lived in Oak Creek, just north of [[102_CaledoniaWales|Caledonia]], Wisconsin, in an old farmhouse, built with handmade wooden pegs in the mortise and tenon jointsEmma was an energetic person and active gardener into her late 80's, growing large pumpkins and tending her raspberries,​ etc.  In this picture, taken just days before Emma's death, you can see a few carved picture frames done by Joe on the wall behind her.  There were carvings all over the house. ​ The oak dining table was a masterpiece with squirrels and acorns on the table legs.  ​
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