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 ==== Parents ==== ==== Parents ====
-__Walter Georg Ungerecht__ (1906-1975) ​of Glen Ullin, son of [[1860_JohGeoU|Johann George Ungerecht]](1860-1934) ​\\ +__Walter Georg Ungerecht__ (3 Feb 1906 - 17 Jan 1975), born in Wales WI, son of [[1860_JohGeoU|Johann George Ungerecht ​& Bertha Hoerauf]] \\ 
-married to __Agnes Bean__ (1909-1996) of Glen Ullin, daughter of [[Theodore Clyde Bean]]+married to __Agnes Bean__ (31 Jul 1909 - 10 Mar 1997) of Glen Ullin, daughter of [[18xx_TCBean|Theodore Clyde Bean & Alma Lidstrom]]
 ==== Marriage ==== ==== Marriage ====
- +{{ :​un:​agnesbean.jpg?​160|}}{{ :​un:​walterungerecht.jpg?​200|}} 
-Married in Pasco Washington+Married in Pasco Washington, on 28 Jun 1936
 ==== Children ==== ==== Children ====
-  * [[1937_BonU|Bonnie Ungerecht]] (1937-)married to Robert Allen Neff +  * 2 daughters3 sons13 grandchildren
-  * [[1939_JoanU|Joan Ungerecht]] (1939-)married to David Thralow +
-  * [[1942_JohnKeiU|John (Jack) Keith Ungerecht]] (1942-), married to Karen Faye Hurlbert +
-  * [[1946_KenU|Kenneth Ungerecht]] (1946-) +
-  * [[1948_JerU|Jerry Ungerecht]] (1948-), married to Judi, Jerri+
 ==== Notes ==== ==== Notes ====
-Walter worked as a cowboy and ranchhand ​in Oregon, then the family moved to [[Northome]],​ back to [[GlenUllin|Glen Ullin]] and back to Northome. ​ Walter eventually died of lung cancer due to smoking (although he had quit ten years before).+Walter ​was born in [[102_CaledoniaWales|Wales,​ WI]], grew up in [[103_GlenUllin|Glen Ullin, ND]], worked as a cowboy and ranch hand in Oregon, then the family moved to a farm at [[104_Northome|Northome]], back to the Ungerecht ranch in Glen Ullin and back to Northome. ​ Walter eventually died of lung cancer due to smoking (although he had quit many years before).  Agnes taught in a one-room schoolhouse near the Ungerecht ranch at Glen Ullin, that's how they met.  In 1972, Agnes and Walter went to Wisconsin to meet Walter'​s sister [[1895_EmmaEllaU|Emma Pietsch]] and cousin [[1892_HerU|Herman Ungerecht]],​ and the result of that meeting was the original booklet on the Ungerecht family tree, and the core of much of this document/​wiki. 
 +In their later years they traveled across the northern U.S. and into Canada. ​ After Walter'​s death, Agnes traveled to Sweden to see relatives there, traveled to Germany, the Holy Lands, Alaska, etc.  There'​s debate if she went to all 50 states or just 49.
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