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Vern Ungerecht family


Vernon F. Ungerecht (15 Jun 1917 - 30 Mar 1969) of Northome, son of Frederich Ungerecht and Minnie Loeffler
married to 1) Gloria (Byda) Shiels, 2) Wilma Sweatt


Married in Northome


With Gloria:

  • Richard
  • Ruth
  • Lyle

With Wilma:

  • Susan
  • Rebeka
  • Patricia
  • James
  • Allan
  • Raymond
  • Percy


Vern suffered a broken neck in a car accident near the farm, and died a day later. He was an avid outdoorsman. Their son Richard died in Vietnam as a sergeant. He was checking on people he had assigned to guard data and apparently came in from a direction they weren't expecting and was accidentally shot.

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