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-=====Upchieve ​Reference Start Page=====+=====UPchieve ​Reference Start Page=====
-This will have real text soon....+Reference material ("​cheat sheets"​) for tutoring purposesCommon definitions and equations are included, but their derivations and how to use them are generally not included. 
 +Final home might be a place like​ or https://​​. (Wikidot supports LaTeX-style equations - nice for visuals, but couldn'​t copy & paste to chat screen).
-Final home might be a place like https://​​ or 
 ==== Categories ==== ==== Categories ====
   * [[Math]]   * [[Math]]
   * [[Physics]]   * [[Physics]]
   * [[Biology]]   * [[Biology]]
-  * [[Essays]]+  * [[Chemistry]] 
 +  * [[Humanities]] 
 +  * [[College|College counseling]]
 ==== Notes ==== ==== Notes ====
-[[SpecialChars|Special characters]] for copy & paste.+[[SpecialChars|Special characters]] for copy & paste into the chat screen. 
 +[[Texting]] shortcuts that might be seen (or used) in the chat screen. 
 +==== Free Resources ==== 
 +  * - online graphing calculator 
 +  *​solver - step-by-step solutions to problems 
 +  * https://​​ - free, complete alternative to MS Office, including Excel (application needs to be downloaded)
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