Ancestors who served during times of war (definitely incomplete)

In addition to the possible but fascinating relative of Dr. William Beanes, there are several bona-fide veterans with distinguished service. Primary of these, is Major Joseph Linsdley (alternately spelled Linsle, Lindly, Lindsly, etc. during previous generations of colonial times). He lived in Morristown, New Jersey and worked his way up to Major during the Revolutionary War. He was involved in the battle at Monmouth (1778), and had the important job of making gunpowder during the war. At one point there was an accident with the gunpowder after which he was called "The Blind Major". It couldn't have been total blindness however, since after the war he directed 200 men in building a new church for the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown New Jersey, which was called the finest structure seen in that area of New Jersey.
Florence Waechter (a cousin to my grandmother, Agnes Bean) became a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) based on his service.

Elijah H. Bean, born in Ohio, 1843, served in the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) during the Civil War. He was a private in Company C, Regiment 141 of the Ohio Infantry, and mustered out honorably at Galapolis, Ohio. He claimed a pension in 1890 after a new law governing pensions was passed. His injuries consisted of a "mashed right leg & broken left arm". The leg, described elsewhere as a fractured femur joint, was apparently the injury which gave him difficulty. There is no account of what caused the injury. In 1923, Ann Eliza (nee Broadwell) claimed the widow's pension after his death, which at that time was $50/month.

It is likely other ancestors served, but these are the known ones. In particular, there are Beans from our family in the Revolutionary War, but I don't know if any direct ancestors were included in that. Also, apparently John Lindsly was a Captain during the Revolutionary War, but I have no details of that. He was a cousin to Major Joseph Lindsley (note the extra 'e'). John's grandson (John Broadwell) married Joseph's daughter (Phoebe Lindsley), making them second cousins once removed.

For the more modern wars, my father served on an aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Yorktown, during the Korean War (now on display in South Carolina). Uncle Jerry was in Vietnam, and his cousin Dick Ungerecht died in Vietnam (the only Ungerecht listed on the Wall of the Vietnam Memorial, that is a very rare name in the United States). Dick was a Corporal in the Marines and was killed by friendly fire while checking on his squad on a rainy night.

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