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Ungerecht Family Tree

This is the Ungerecht family tree. It is set up as a wiki, with links from one person to another and one family per page. It is open to all Ungerechts, and anybody with information to contribute can edit it, but the initial focus at least is on the family that emigrated to Wisconsin (and of course, their ancestors and descendants).

Read more about the Ungerecht name.

Family Tree Overview

Family that emigrated to Wisconsin, their kids and grandkids:

Johann Valentin Ungerecht (1826-1891), son of Johannes Ungerecht(1787-1864) of Helba, married to Eva Margaretha Erbe (1825-1895), daughter of Johann Georg Erbe, children:

The Ungerecht Homeland

Read more about Helba and Walldorf in Thuringia, Germany. In America the Ungerechts settled in Oak Creek and Wales (both of Wisconsin, near Milwaukee), then Glen Ullin North Dakota, and Northome Minnesota, with individual families in many other locations, mostly in the northern half of the U.S. See also the maps.

Military Service

This is definitely incomplete, but it is known that a Kaspar Ungerecht served (likely drafted) into the army at the time that Napoleon controlled that region of Germany, and died in the service in 1811. He was an uncle to Johann Valentin (b.1826). The Ungerechts emigrated to the U.S. right at the end of the Civil War so they missed serving in that conflict. We know Richard Ungerecht died in Vietnam, and Jerry Ungerecht served there. Peter Jirasko served in the Gulf War and numerous others have served during peaceful times.


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All information contained on these pages can be freely used by anyone, but cannot be sold.

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