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Ungerecht Family Tree

This is the Ungerecht family tree, with one family per page, and links to other families.

Family Tree Overview

Family that emigrated to Wisconsin, their kids and grandkids:

Johann Valentin Ungerecht (1826-1891), married to Eva Margaretha Erbe (1825-1895)

The Ungerecht Homeland

Read more about Helba and Walldorf and vicinity.

What's with all the Johanns?

It was a common first name at the time (after John the Baptist). In fact, it was so common, males usually went by their second name instead. The exception is people called Johannes, they generally had no second name.

Editing pages

Anybody can edit these pages, it follows the same scheme as Wikipedia or other wikis. Additional pages may be created as needed (you must register first). On the right hand side will be the option to edit or create pages. For living persons include no identifying information other than names please! I can add whatever is desired to a GEDCOM that can be distributed privately among family members.


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