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Philip Meyer family


Philip Meyer (28 Dec 1874 - ?) of Mannheim, son of George Meyer () and Maria Elizabeth Hoerauf (1842-1913)
married to Susanna Beierlein



  • Olga Meyer (about 1907-2000), married to Weinhardt, daughter Viola
  • Evelyn Meyer


Philip Meyer died when he was run over by a combine he was working on.

Olga and Evelyn lived in Glen Ullin for as long as I know. Olga was a friend of the Walter Ungerecht family as she was a close friend to Agnes' brother Homer Bean. She made the best strüdel ever, stretching the bread dough so thin over the oak dining table you could see the wood grain, then putting on the topping, butter and sugar before rolling it up. She loved to play pinochle when visitors came, but would apologize when she won a hand.

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