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Visiting Meiningen

Meiningen is home to the 'stadtkirche' or city church, which holds the records for our ancestors that lived in Helba. I didn't get into the records during my brief visit, but we did see the church and some other sights in town. Click on the picture to see it full size.

Church of Meiningen This is the city church. It was built in stages, partly burnt and rebuilt. Plus I was using Google Translate on the German website detailing the history of the church, so I'm not entirely sure what was built when. But the steeple closest to us is one of the older parts of the church, built in 1594. The other steeple used to be smaller, the idea was that they would build a 3rd, matching tower on the other side, but in the late 1800's they finally gave up on that idea and rebuilt the smaller tower to match the big one.

"New" fountain When asked about this statue & fountain, our guide, the genealogist Matthias, told us to ignore it as it was "only 150 years old".

Church of Meiningen ⇐Inside of the church.

Church of Meiningen I didn't get a good picture of it, but inside was a stone statue of Madonna and Child, which was a gift to the church in 1344. And if I read it right, the choir loft was built in 1443. Johann Brahms performed on this pipe organ.

Genealogist Matthias Matthias, the genealogist who did much of the research on our Ungerechts in Germany, reads the script around memorials to the founders of the church. He can read old German (even the cursive!) and Latin, there's no way I can match that.

Old courtyard Nearby, behind a nondescript doorway, was this courtyard with buildings that date to 1596. There was a display with some items they had found that dated to the 13th century.

Norbert Ungerecht Before leaving Meiningen, we met with Norbert Ungerecht, who owns the restaurant in the Schloss Elisabethenburg palace. We don't know how he's related, we assume if we can go back far enough there would be a connection. I gave him my "Ungerecht Trucking" hat that I had gotten from my 2nd cousin Jim. I hope he has extras!

See also my pictures of Helba, Walldorf and Eisenach.

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