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Family Tree Overviews

One thing this wiki doesn't have, and it's a big one, is a graphical way to navigate along family lines. In lieu of that, I'll create some high-level trees that you can use as short cuts to get to the area of interest.

Grandparent lines: Jacob Ungerecht & Eva Margaretha Ebert Johann Carl Zentgraf & wife Johann Georg Erbe & wife Unknown Ungerecht & wife
Parents: Johannes Ungerecht &
Eva Margaretha Zentgraf
Johann George Erbe &
Eva Catharina Ungerecht
1864 Emigrants: Johann Valentin Ungerecht & Eva Margaretha Erbe
Children lines: Carl Ungerecht & Johanna Bathke George Ungerecht & Bertha Hoerauf

Also see the start page.

Jacob Ungerecht Ancestors

Johann Jacob Ungerecht (1761-1848) m. Eva Margaretha Ebert (1767-1824)
His parents:

Her parents:

Bertha Hoerauf Ancestors

The Hoeraufs come from Edingen, near Heidelberg/Mannheim Germany. They settled near Glen Ullin, at Hebron, Dakota Territory.

Rebecca (Bertha) Hoerauf (1872-1957) m. Johann George Ungerecht.
Her parents:

  • Michael Hoerauf (1845-1932), son of
    • Valentin Hörauf (1813-1896), son of
      • Johannes Hoerauf (1778-1859) and Barbara Merkel (1782-1817)
    • Elizabeth Brecht (1823-1891)
  • Elizabeth Jung (1848-1924), daughter of
    • Johann G. Jung (1820-1899) and Anna Barbara Gropp (1820-1887)
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