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Base map courtesy of NordNordWest on Wikipedia Most of the sites are right around Meiningen, which was just inside the East German border. This is in the Thuringian Forest (Thüringer Wald), the "green heart" of Germany. See description of Helba and Waldorf, and pictures of my trip here in 2016. At the time of emigration (1864) this was considered part of Saxony, as the official unification of Germany did not happen until 1871, and it might even show up in some records as Prussia.


See description of Caledonia and Wales. The Ungerechts apparently moved straight to here from Germany in 1864.

North Dakota

See description of Glen Ullin. The first Ungerechts and Hoeraufs arrived here while it was still Dakota Territory, and were there during the Indian Scare around the time of the Wounded Knee Massacre in December of 1890.


See description of Northome. The first Ungerecht here was Fred, during the Great Depression.

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