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Glen Ullin

Glen Ullin is located in the center of the SW quarter of North Dakota. There is a railroad going thru town and more recently I-90 is just to the north (click on the map for a better view, showing where the Ungerecht ranch was in the 1940s-1950s). Contrary to the popular image of North Dakota, there are numerous hills, called buttes, in this area. There is also abundant coal, which was convenient for the farmers and ranchers as there was not enough local wood to burn for heat or cooking. Fossilized wood is also frequently found, and scoria (naturally burned clay) is used on many gravel roads. Without it, the roads would be a mix of gravel and clay called 'gumbo', which is both incredibly sticky and slippery when wet. Cows will get bogged down in it, and cars can quickly get stuck.

The town of Hebron is just to the west, that is the town where the Hoeraufs settled in after immigrating.

Farther to the west is Medora and the "Badlands". These are not the badlands of Badlands National Park in South Dakota, but are just as rugged and more extensive. The center of it is now the Theodore Roosevelt National Park with herds of wild buffalo.

The Ungerecht ranch was SE of Glen Ullin several miles. In the winter, they would get snowed in for days at a time, sometimes the kids would go into town and stay with their grandparents while attending school, until the roads improved. There are still a couple Ungerechts in the Glen Ullin area, but not the numbers of relatives that once called it home.

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