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Michael Hoerauf family


Michael Hoerauf (11 Jan 1845 - 19 Feb 1932), of Edingen, Germany (near Heidelberg), died in Hebron ND, son of Valentin Hörauf (1813-1896) and Elizabeth Brecht (1823-1891)
married to Elizabeth Jung (21 Sep 1848-1924), of Edingen, Germany, died in Hebron ND, daughter of Johann G. Jung (1820-1899) and Anna Barbara Gropp (1820-1887)


Married in Germany



They were from the Heidelberg area. The full list of children comes from Doreen Young, nee Maas, a Hoerauf descendant (her mom's cousin (? Hoerauf) did most of the research, but Doreen put an extensive amount online). 1) Both the Hoerauf and Jung families have deep roots in the Edingen area of Germany.

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